Facts About Author Terry McMillan's Who Asked You?

Unsolicited book review because you need to know who is running Black USA:
Terry McMillan's Who Asked You

Being a sexist womanist bohemian - my decades long self definition of a
heterosexual biological woman who enjoys a shirtless man or 3 and places the well-being of Black women first and thrives on creating nonconformist  outsider art = sexist womanist bohemian. My life my rules my definitions. Enough about me and my arts and broadcast crafts featuring my multi year social media experiment about Black women interracially dating aka swirling - last night I got absorbed in a book and had to finish it. Without any spoilers Miss McMilllan captures the heart of the soul of BUSA which is the women particularly the grandmothers are the glue that holds the family together. 

Let me know what you think after you read it.

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The awful truth? Your San Francisco gentrification problem isn't MY problem!

Written by Dee Dee Russell San Francisco, California

Greetings! In case you're wondering I've had this blog since 2007 and there are hundreds of post that I have hidden. Actually I think blogging is obsolete and will be pretty much over in 2016. There is so much social media out there and blogs are stagnate which is why I post very rarely here but mainly I do other things that I don't really advertise here. I may be ramping up in the days to come, who knows. All I know is White folks in San Francisco are acting up over this new round of gentrification, as though nobody ever got priced out of a housing market and its the end of the world that a musician or artist of some sort can't afford to live here when it was usually the case for Black people but 'they' didn't care. No tissues, dear cause I ain't you mammy. Notice my complete and utter lack of empathy about this topic? Why? One sided loyalty is for suckas Black people got priced out of San Francisco a long time ago and it was accepted as normal, which gentrification is in a free-market capitalist society.

Satirist Gets Satirical About San Francisco's Rent Crisis!

Dateline San Francisco
Written By Dee Dee Russell
Vol. 2  March 28, 2014

Photos from SF Weekly
Day after day more White people are getting outraged about the rent in San Francisco ...yawn. Where have they been? Rents have always been pricey. Oh? Not for them till now! ...On and on they are rallying gathering in upscale bars drinking expensive beer endlessly talking about their complaints while eating 4 dollar slices of toast ...to me this is a living Mad Magazine parody.  These same whiners buy 7 glasses of beer smoke 50 dollar tiny bags of medicinal marijuana ...clad in 80 dollar hoodies and spending 3 thousand dollars to go to Burning Man (ticket, time off work transportation lodging supplies and endless fuzzy vests with match stovepipe hats) yet can't afford to pay their astronomical rent? Where is my tissue?

  SF Weekly 
Yours truly, a S.F. resident since the 1980's has seen rent prices skyrocket pushing out Black families. Then Hispanic families. Then artists! Now middle aged middle class WP are getting the boot ...next wave of gentrification?  THE ROBOTS! Reciprocity is a Mother. I care for those who care about me thus I anticipate THE ROBOTS cause the techies are not glam at all ...at least THE ROBOTS will bring a shimmery metallic fashion sensiblity to S.F. cause the oatmeal tinted techies and their faded mud colored clothes are a drag ...wave to me from your Oakland loft!

The Russell Report Vol. 1: San Francisco's White Gentrification Problem AND The Black Male Bums: Excuse Me For Not Giving A Damn!

The Russell Report is born Saturday March 15, 2014 in the City of San Francisco, California and the District of Little Saigon written by Best of San Francisco Dee Dee Russell, acknowledged sexist womanist bohemian artist, filmmaker, speaker and lover of trench coats.

Dateline San Francisco

Written By Dee Dee Russell
Vol. 1  March 15, 2014

Missing ol' elitist Herb Caen ...the three dot king of San Francisco journalism he has not been replaced so let's give it a whirl shall we?

Whew. No apologies Dahling, I'm listening to Nirvana cause the weather is Global Warming good.

Downtown San Francisco is like a Grimm's fairy tale for hypocritical liberals ...beauty, architecture, Class A shopping district ...views thrill or kill ...camped out on each major corner except Union Square Park cause the undercover homies don't play that ...are rusty dusty Black men begging.

Yes I'm politically incorrect and as a Black woman in the perfect position to expose Black dirty laundry, San Francisco's hard to rinse stain problem  ...ya see, Cali Phonies love to coddle 'the less fortunate'  ...but not in their own backyard Dahlings.

Da City has a bottomless pocketbook its said they've spent 17hundredbillion on the homeless problem still it festers on like a raisin in the sun with a nappy beard and a paper cup!

Black men are 50% of the homeless beggars on the street and only 4% of the population that's right  ... I'm tired of being embarrassed by and verbally abused by them. ... two nights ago one pretended to hit me in the face ... yes I was with a friend ...and yes I have a friend in my purse!

Don't make me use the taser on you you, Bro!!

Speaking of Brothers ...gentrification now has a White face on it, sob ...actually I'm not crying cause one sided loyalty is for suckas ...isn't it a shame they're getting the 'people of color' San Francisco treatment? ...wow your rent got tripled? Didn't that happen to Blacks in the Fillmore in the 1980's?

Gee whiz White middle aged middle class musicians can't afford to live here in 2014? ...get out the smelling salts for yourself cause I'm quite apathetic.

Most live music in San Francisco sucks there I said it ...doormen with Nazi attitudes, resentful bartenders ...live blues is the way to go.

I say support Cafe Internationals Open Mike Night on Friday 508 Haight Street at Fillmore Street ...Zahra Saleh has been running the Cafe since 1992 tell her I said hello! 

Also recommend  Swig's Blues Jam on Sunday both places have good staff & zero attitude. 

"Nothing is fair but the weather"

Dee Dee Russell

San Francisco

Black History Month In San Francisco: What I'm Listening To: SERGE GAINSBOURG AU ZENITH Concert

Darlings my favorite artist is Stevie Wonder I give him so many props he should be paying me to be his PR woman. Besides the Stevie and Mad Magazine being my major artistic inspirations right now I'm dazzled and charmed by the dirty old man of French Pop, SERGE GAINSBOURG AU ZENITH Concert!

How can you be a San Francisco sexist womanis bohemian without The Serge?

13 Best Things About 2013 by Dee Dee Russell

Finally met Mark Kostabi at Martin Lawrence Galleries

Graduated with a Peer Specialist Certificate from San Francisco State! Yes thats where I've been besides my 

Serge Gainsbourg Histoire De MelodyNelson
For me he's the French Stevie Wonder mixed with Charlie Sheen an avant-provocatuer (if SW was kinda perverted that is) length on Youtube. Never heard of it? Listen.  Use it to mack in the bedroom! 27 minutes of a avant garde tv presentation and French pop. Thank me later.

69 for six

This project is my Don Quotix! 2014 is the year that I produce those 6 films. There are 69 crazyass pledge drive videos already made. Asking 69 celebrities for dough. Got shut down?  Total psycho dramatic performance art pledge drive project.

In a hot second I'm revving it up again on Kickstarter.

Still great friends with the women who coined the term sex worker. That tickels me she is so smart!

Chris Frantz
Drummer of the Talking Heads and Tom Tom Hunt not only is my Facebook friend he has the class to actually speak to people promptly and politely. And friended my brother cause I asked him to! Oh and he allowed an off the cuff interview for  Happy Dark Girls and gave a quote to use for Huntington Post. The beat of The Talking Heads was a bridge between my Motown music upbringing to punk-funky new wave of Devo, B'52's, Blondie, Rick James, Kate Bush, Human, League and Gary Numan what about Duran Duran honey hush, Depeche Mode.

RECIPROCITY! So when he asked us to poster his flyer I was happy to oblige.

Breville Juicer
The love affair continues with this juicer and I have not been sick once in 2012 not a cold or the sniffles.

Follows me on Twitter I have never asked her why cause it thrills me to bits I'd sit on the hallway steps reading Essence magazine with her in it!

What? David Bowie was smart enough to ask for her hand in marriage this is the most bombastic supermodel rockstar marriage of all time!

San Francisco Friends
Have become my second family. Love all of you wonderful loyal eccentrics!

Trader Joes
Two in perfect walking distance. The place for bohemians to grocery shop.

Kimberly Jessy
Perky sparky enthusiastic and ass-kicking PR and brand pro.

Black Women With Other Brothers
My short term experiment swirl (interracial dating) page on Facebook became an influential cult hit all the girls crib it. There, I said it. Happy to influence!
Go to the BWWOB Fakebook page and scroll. I did go very buckwild and the community supports it. So happy to see that BW understand SATIRE.

Clarke's shoes
City class of walking shoes. You can walk for mile in any pair. I walk like a spring pony up down and across San Francisco in these.

Fun Cheap SF
What is better than a guide to San Francisco for cheapskates? Plus Johnny, the creator is a very polite doll I've attended dozens of Fun Cheap SF events.

Norma Kamali All In One
For the past several years my wardrobe is Norma Kamali  so versatile and comfortable.

Pho ever! Famous noodle joint Turtle Tower reopens in Little Saigon, San Francisco!

Yay! My favorite Vietnamese Pho noodle restaurant Turtle Tower reopened this week in Little Saigon, San Francisco  and not a moment too soon they are nice people a family business and the food is very tasty I highly recommend you visit one of their locations. Order a variety of items on the menu, share them.


Expert with chopstick and addicted to trench coats lover of pink and kitty cats.

Dee Dee Russell
San Francisco, California

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I continue to ride with Flickr Why? It's easiler for me everybody doesn't live off their cell phone I prefer laptops and desktops.

Enjoy browsing classic digital art by Yours Truly and a few personal snaps.

LOVE Turtle Tower. Best pho in Little Saigon, San Francisco

It makes sense that I host bar crawls and tours of Little Saigon, San Francisco I love it so much. Great little neighborhood. Here at my fav Pho joint TURTLE TOWER.

Stevie Wonder - Full Album The Definitive Collection.

Darlings it's simple. Love me love Stevie Wonder there is no artist that has influnced me more I love him more than words express. Here is the definitive collection (for newbies), beginning with Fingertips he was Little Stevie Wonder just a boy!

Love from San Francisco!